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Welcome to PocketAd by Yellow Island, the mobile window to your local area.

The evolution of PocketAd is as a result of us being passionate about delivering value to local communities and businesses. PocketAd focuses on promoting businesses, organisations and events in a local area.

As a user of PocketAd, our aim is that the app design is simple and user friendly. We have designed the app looking at it from a users point of view as well as from an advertisers angle. We know what it's like to have to find your way around a clunky, complicated app, so we've worked hard to make sure everything is clear and easy to navigate.

When advertising with PocketAd, we believe in providing businesses and organisations with a fully featured offering that delivers a clean design with a range of standard and optional features that presents a business or organisation simply and professionally.

From previous personal experience we also feel that some other advertising mediums can often be very expensive, so with this in mind we have built a simple and highly competitive pricing model, along with offering additional features that can add further value, including:

Proactive Marketing - Push Notification packages that delivers personalised messaging directly to all users of PocketAd in your local area. A highly effective feature that is included in all advertising packages or as a standalone option. Simply purchase your preferred Proactive Marketing package, send us the content of the message and we'll send it out to all PocketAd users in your local area.

What's On Promotion - a package that enables promotion of a single, reoccurring or multiple events. A great option if you want to share news about an up and coming event of offer with all PocketAd users in your local area. Simply purchase your preferred package and we'll contact you to discuss your personalised promotion and once produced we'll publish it in the What's On PocketAd section.

eBusiness Card - fully feature electronic Business Card that offers much more than a traditional hard copy business card. A quick and highly effective way for you and your customers to share your business details, as well removing the need to buy and carry hard copy business cards ever again. Yellow Island will build your eBusiness Card based on your design requirements, and produced in Portrait format to provide the best viewing experience on a smartphone. Built into the eBusiness Card are some key standard features, including; Business Branding, About Us, Contact Details promotion, Contact Form, Call Us, Social Media links and eBusiness Card sharing, meaning you can quickly and simply share your eBusiness Card with anybody at the touch of a button and then they can share it! Additional features can also be built in - full details are available from Yellow Island, so please contact us if you'd like to find out more.


Please complete and submit the Contact Form and we'll be in touch.

If you would like to advertise or download your local PocketAd, please select the appropriate link below from your mobile device.

If you would like to bring PocketAd to your local area, please contact us for a chat as we are always looking to expand PocketAd's coverage.

Advertising Packages


Special Introductory 1 Year Advertising


1 Year Advertising Package


What's On Promotion

1 Event Promotion Package


2 Events Promotion Package


5 Events Prmotion Package


10 Events Promotion Package


Proactive Marketing (Push Notifications)

1 Push Notification Message


2 Push Notifications Package


5 Push Notifications Package


10 Push Notifications Package


eBusiness Card

Single eBusiness Card package (includes first year hosting)


Single eBusiness Card annual hosting fee (first year free)